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Bicycling and Photography by Rodale Press Editors

This book is out of print, but the only one that is specific to taking bicycling photos.

Chapters on panning, lenses, night photography and more. Lots of pictures of biking in the 1970's.

How to Shoot and Sell Sports Photography by David Arndt List Price: $29.95 Our Price: $23.96 You Save: $5.99 (20%)

Professional tips on photographing popular sports make this book of interest to photographers and sports enthusiasts. It includes advice on where players should be positioned on the playing field, how to shoot in stadium lighting, ways to capture moving feature shots, and selling the images.

Photography by Barbara London (Editor), John Upton (Contributor) Our Price: $65.33

The book that has everything about photography. A picture tells a thousand stories, but the one it doesn't tell is how the shot was made. Barbara London and John Upton's Photography is an all-inclusive look at the craft of photography. This book will help any amateur move up a few notches, and it serves as a refresher course for professionals as well. The sixth edition of this classic work (the first was published in 1976) includes a companion Web site with interactive activities, Web resources, and a learning archive. Amply illustrated with at least one photograph or diagram on almost every page, Photography is the one reference work every student of photography must have--even those who will never set foot in a classroom. --Brenda Pittsley

On Being a Photographer : A Practical Guide by David Hurn, Bill Jay Our Price: $12.95

The philosophy of photography...