Bicycle Repair Books

Please note that bikes have changed a lot in the last few years. The general principles are always the same, but new innovations like v-brakes and such may not be found in older manuals.


Bicycling Magazine's Complete Guide to Bicycle Maintenance and Repair for Road and Mountain Bikes : Over 1,000 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques by Jim Langley, 1999. List Price: $18.95 Our Price: $15.16 You Save: $3.79 (20%)

Your local bike mechanic might have you thinking that "wrenching" is right up there with rocket science. But the truth is, anyone can master the ins and outs of bicycle maintenance under the guidance of a good teacher. In lieu of a professor, the editors of Bicycling and Mountain Bike magazines have created a shop companion, which they refer to as "another tool for working on your bike." They guide you from the basics of your pre-ride checklist to tuning your derailleurs and overhauling your hubs. And they offer updated information on maintaining front shocks and even a handful of rear suspensions. What's more, they can walk you through the arduous task of rebuilding ancient parts that some shop mechanics haven't even heard of. If you've ever tried to work on your own car, you've undoubtedly developed a healthy fear of automobile shop manuals. But unlike the cryptic list of part numbers and equations you'll find at Pep Boys, this guide is written by people who want you to see just how rewarding bike maintenance can be. --Ben Tiffany

Bicycle Repair Manual by Richard Ballantine, Richard Grant (Contributor), 1994. List Price: $9.95 Our Price: $7.96 You Save: $1.99 (20%)

Easy-to-follow photographic sequences, accompanied by detailed text, along with a handy troubleshooting guide, offer solutions to every repair and maintenance task--from simple roadside repairs to complete overhauls--for every sort of bicycle. Published in 1994 so may be a little out of date.

Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance by Lennard Zinn List Price: $17.95 Our Price: $14.36 You Save: $3.59 (20%)

Lennard Zinn explains that it doesn't take special skills to learn how to care for one's bike, only "a passion for spreading new grease on old parts." Clearly, his ambition is to share with newcomers the Zen-like joy of bike maintenance. But it's seasoned bike mechanics that should be tripping over each other for a copy of this comprehensive and ambitious manual. Zinn differs from other how-to books by guiding readers--with plain-speaking text--through almost every imaginable repair on almost every imaginable part. He covers everything from rebuilding hubs, to loosening seized stems, to installing six different types of bottom brackets. He even risks cycling blasphemy by walking mere mortals through the art of wheel building--an intimidating task that can take years to perfect. Although best suited for the old pros, his guide is user- friendly, funny, and essential to anyone willing to love their bike. --Ben Tiffany

The Everything Bicycle Book; A Freewheeling Collection of Bike Know-How by Roni Sarig, 1997. List Price: $12.00 Our Price: $9.60 You Save: $2.40 (20%)

The Ultimate Source Book for the Bicycle Enthusiast! Whether you're thinking about buying your first bike, or considering whether to enter the Tour de France, The Everything Bicycle Book has all the information you need to steer you right! You'll learn about the different types of bicycles and how to choose one that's right for you; simple maintenance techniques to keep your bike ship-shape; repair safely; as well as the latest in bike lingo and style tips to keep you as hip as the neighborhood kids.

Road Bike Maintenance : Repairing and Maintaining the Modern Road Bicycle by Rob Van Der Plas, 1996. List Price: $12.95 Our Price: $10.36 You Save: $2.59 (20%)

How to Fix Your Bicycle (7th edition) by Helen Garvy, 1993. Our Price: $6.00

Bicycling Magazine "There are diagrams and explanations that even a 10-thumbed two-year old could figure out. Tools, the parts of the bicycle -- what could go wrong and what to do if it does. "For those who've taken Ms Garvy's advice and aren't afraid to do more than minor adjustments, you'll find complete directions which are easy to understand on bearings, head, building a wheel, trueing a wheel and much more. "So for the afficionado who wants a handy reminder or the 14-year old with his first real bike, we recommend How To Fix Your Bicycle."


The Bicycle Wheel by Jobst Brandt Our Price: $24.99

If you want to learn how to build a wheel from the spokes up, this book is it. Everything from what spokes to choose to lacing patterns.

Bicycling Science by Frank Rowland Whitt, David Gordon Wilson, James C. McCullagh (Designer), 1984. List Price: $18.50 Our Price: $14.80 You Save: $3.70 (20%)

This is not a repair book, but does talk about the hows and whys of cycling from a scientific perspective.

Sutherland's Handbook for Bicycle Mechanics by Howard Sutherland Our Price: $140.00

Shop Reference Book for Shop Mechanics and Enthusiasts This book is for Bicycle Mechanics. If you know how to work on bikes it can save you countless hours of trial and error. It is not a how-to book (except for dissasembly and assembly of recent interally geared hubs). For instance, it won't tell you how to build a wheel but will tell you how to figure out the right length spoke to build a wheel with. Well organized tables show you what is interchangeable and what is not. Pedal/Cleat compatibility, Chainwheel sizes, Bottom Bracket interchangeablity, Freewheel Sprocket interchangablity, Derailleur capacities and trouble shooting, Tire sizes, Headset dimensions, Suspension fork considerations, and more. Keep in mind that this book came out in 1995 and includes a 1996 update. 580 grease resistant pages. More than 45,000 copies have been sold since the 1st edition was published in 1974.

Bicycle Repair Step by Step : The Full-Color Manual of Bicycle Maintenance and Repair by Rob Van Der Plas, Robert Van Der Plas, 1994. List Price: $16.95 Our Price: $13.56 You Save: $3.39 (20%)

Pocket Guide to Emergency Bicycle Repair by Eric Grove List Price: $12.95 Our Price: $10.36 You Save: $2.59 (20%)

Soon to be published, order it now....

Roadside Bicycle Repair : The Simple Guide to Fixing Your Road or Mountain Bike by Rob Van Der Plas, Robert Van Der Plas Our Price: $7.95 + $1.35 special surcharge

Sooner or later, every cyclist will have a flat or need a quick brake adjustment, but it doesn't have to ruin a good ride. For cyclists who don't want to carry an entire workshop around with them, two-wheel guru Rob van der Plas has written a brief, clear, and helpful guide that has plenty of pictures, recommends the minimum necessary tools, and fits neatly in a pannier. You can't beat that with a crank tool.

The Haynes Bicycle Book : The Haynes Repair Manual for Maintaining and Repairing Your Bike (Haynes Automotive Repair Manual Series) by Bob Henderson, J. Stevenson, 1995. List Price: $19.95 Our Price: $15.96 You Save: $3.99 (20%)

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