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Bicycling Magazine's Complete Book of Road Cycling Skills : Your Guide to Riding Faster, Stronger, Longer, and Safer by Ed Pavelka (Editor), the Editors of Bicycling Magazine (Editor) List Price: $15.95 Our Price: $12.76 You Save: $3.19 (20%)

Maybe you're a novice who has yet to squeeze into that first pair of sexy Lycra shorts. Or perhaps you're a seasoned racer who is seeking ways to become stronger and faster. Whatever the case, you will be well served by Ed Pavelka's comprehensive guide, which takes the reader on a highly readable ride through road cycling--from the basics of handling and maintenance to the subtle intricacies of racing. Instead of asking the reader to take his word on every subject, Pavelka has gathered a cast of Olympians and renowned mechanics to tackle whichever topic reflects his or her strongest suit. Besides the basics, chapters also include in-depth advice on sprinting, hill climbing, using heart monitors effectively, training indoors during the wintry months, and even surviving your commute in the concrete jungle. If that's not enough, Pavelka has devoted an entire section to medical concerns, including over training, sore knees, and saddle sores. --Ben Tiffany

Training for Cycling : The Ultimate Guide to Improved Performance by Davis Phinney, Connie Carpenter (Contributor), Peter Nye (Contributor) List Price: $14.95 Our Price: $11.96 You Save: $2.99 (20%)

If you want to learn how to reach peak cycling performance, listen carefully to Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter. Phinney, a two-time Tour de France stage winner, was named the winningest racer in U.S. history by VeloNews, and Connie Carpenter, an Olympic gold medalist, is no slouch either. Together they have compiled a comprehensive guide to cycling that will not disappoint. Chapters include specific instructions for everything from basic training to cycling nutrition to the nitty-gritty of racing tactics. The guide is written in the first person, and because it is authored by two people, this can sometimes lead to confusion. But when milking the gurus for knowledge, a little confusion will seem well worth it.



General Touring

Bicycling Magazine's Bicycle Touring in the '90s by Bicycling Magazine Editors List Price: $6.95 Our Price: $5.56 You Save: $1.39 (20%)

This book is a good source of information on touring with helpful guidelines on what to take with you and what is necessary to get started and enjoy touring. It is also reasonably priced.

Bicycle Touring Manual; Using the Bicycle for Touring and Camping by Rob van der Plas Our Price: $17.95

A comprehensive guide to bicycle touring includes information on bike handling and safe riding techniques, advice on pre-trip planning, a section on maintenance, and more. Original.

Bicycling Magazine's Long-Distance Cycling by Bicycling Magazine Editors List Price: $8.95 Our Price: $7.16 You Save: $1.79 (20%)

Has sections on Challenges to Endurance, Position and Technique, Training, Nutrition for the long haul, and Bike Care.

Bicycle Touring : How to Prepare for Long Rides by Steve Butterman

Not a page is wasted in Steve Butterman's 88 page book "Bicycle Touring: How to Prepare for Long Rides." The book quickly and plainly answers a lot of the basic questions that people have when thinking about a long bicycling trip: What will I need to bring? How do I plan my trip? What kind of shape do I need to be in? What about dangerous road conditions? How will people treat me? How much will it cost? What will I eat? What about weather? What about mountains/hills? How will I keep clean? ... and many, many, many more.

The Essential Touring Cyclist : A Complete Course for the Bicycle Traveler by Richard A. Lovett List Price: $15.95 Our Price: $12.76 You Save: $3.19 (20%)

"Emphathy with the reader. What a concept," said Canoe magazine of The Essential Sea Kayaker-an illustrated handbook that set new standards for user friendliness in the field of outdoors how to. Following in its wake is the first fully illustrated book on the art of bike touring, with the same mix of tightly integrated text, line drawings, and photos that made The Essential Sea Kayaker a bestseller. Readers will quickly absorb everything they need to know about buying, maintaining, modifying, and equipping touring bikes. Then they'll go on the road with experienced bike tourer Rick Lovett and get a complete education in living and traveling on two wheels-from budget touring to dealing with adversity.



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Road Touring Guidebooks


Cycling Possibilities by Elliot Mott

Guidebook to day rides in Utah.

Bicycle Touring the Western United States by Karen Hawkins, Gary Hawkins

Has a number of good tours in the West, including Utah.

Bicycle Touring Utah by Dennis Coello

Booknews, Inc. , February 1, 1989 Second printing of 1984 ed. updated. Guidebook for cyclists. Good maps. No index. No bibiography. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.



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